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At Broquet, all we do is design awesome gifts for men. Broquets are gift sets built for the kind of guys with no need for backup cameras, light beer, or meatless Mondays. It's time to grow a beard. Cook with fire. Chop some wood.

Questions? You can always reach us at or 1-877-297-0967.

The One-Eyed Jack Game Night Kit with Two Decks of Cards, Leather Deck Holders, Crystal Drink Coasters, A Card Game Rules Book, Metal Dice, and a Card Shaped Bottle Opener SHOP NOW
The One-Eyed Jack

Classic Game Night Kit


Stainless steel ace of spades bottle opener SHOP NOW
Ace of Spades Bottle Opener

Ace of Spades Bottle Opener


gorgeous premium fly fishing rod spool line starter kit tankara SHOP NOW
Tenkara Fly Rod

by Tenkara Rod Co.