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Gift Baskets For Men

We're Building A
Manlier Gift Basket

Guys don’t want bows or wicker baskets.
So we built something better: the Broquet.

Gift Baskets Men Actually Want

Bacon chocolate.  Bacon hot sauce.  Bacon jerky.  Bacon salt.  Bacon chocolate pancake mix.  Bacon brittle.  SHOP NOW
The Smokehouse

Bacon Six Ways


The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit.  All of the bar tools, glassware, and cockail bitters necessary for any man to make an Old Fashioned like a gentleman SHOP NOW
The Gentleman and Scholar

Old Fashioned Cocktail Set


BBQ ribs gift set.  Barbecue sauce, mustard, grilling tools, and wood smoking accessories needed to make awesome BBQ ribs Rufus Teague meat rub and whiskey maple barbecue sauce, Tin mustard shown alongside the most epic BBQ ribs ever Heavy duty turner tongs, grill surface thermometer and bbq sauce basting brush for making barbecue ribs Apple wood smoking chips and stainless steel smoking box for making barbecue ribs Barbecue essentials gift set.  Awesome dry rub and sauce from The Salt Lick, paired with heavy duty grill tools. Meat dry rub and original recipe barbecue sauce from The Salt Lick.  Perfect for grilling ribeyes, porterhouses, and New York strips. Grilling tongs, grilling spatula and grill brush from Outset Gift set including Santa Maria-style rub and sauce, meat hook, thermometer and red oak smoking chips for grilling the perfect BBQ tri tip Santa Maria-style dry rub and Oakey and Smokey barbecue sauce from California Rancher BBQ Leather grilling mitt, rosewood handle meat hook, and instant read meat thermometer from Outset Red Oak barbecue smoking bags from Larry's Bag of Smoke SHOP NOW
The Apple Wood

BBQ Ribs Grill Set


Beef Biltong, Chili Bites, Venison Meat Sticks, Venison Jerky, Spicy Reindeer Sausage, Wild Boar BBQ Jerky, Kangaroo Meat Stick, Alpaca Jerky, all in the ultimate exotic jerky kit from Broquet SHOP NOW
The Call of the Wild

Exotic Meat Jerky Crate


The Wake and Bacon breakfast in bed kit, perfect for father's day SHOP NOW
The Wake and Bacon

Breakfast in Bed Kit


Mountain Man Soap Sampler SHOP NOW
Mountain Man Soap Sampler

by Mountain Man Soap


The Tavern Master SHOP NOW
The Tavern Master

Craft Beer Tasting Kit


The Hunter Gatherer SHOP NOW
The Hunter Gatherer

Jerky and Trail Mix Snack Set


The Exam Cram SHOP NOW
The Exam Cram

Caffeinated Care Package



Paleochef Sampler Pack SHOP NOW
Paleochef Sampler Pack

by Steve's Paleo Goods