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Aeropress, Coffee, Man Food

The Go Getter

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The Aeropress: Smooth, rich, better-than-french-press coffee in 1 minute. Cleanup is trivially easy. Makes 1-4 shots of espresso at a time which can be enjoyed as is, combined with water for an Americano, or mixed into any manner of barista-style offerings. We live in a wonderful era.

Organic, fair trade, hand-roasted coffee from the Just Coffee cooperative: We tried 20+ coffees before settling on this amazing brand. And we picked our two favorite roasts:

  • Runner’s High: perfect for fueling those early morning runs. A blend of medium roasted coffees from Mexico, Colombia and Ethiopia. Perfectly balanced.
  • Bike Fuel: if the cycle is more his thing, this blend of light and dark roasts from Bolivia and Mexico should be right up his alley. Rich, smooth, chocolaty.

Granolove Moka Java granola: all natural honey roasted granola awesomeness. You can pour milk right into the bag and eat it on the go if you’re into that kind of thing.

Bearded Brothers Maca Chocolate Energy Bar: organic raw food bar packed with fiber, protein, and all kinds of other good stuff. Made by two rad brothers with beards in Austin, TX.

Rise, shine, and kick some ass.

All guys aspire to a Rocky-esque training regime. Getting up before daybreak, downing a couple raw eggs from a glass, and running stadiums until his quads are chiseled from fine Italian granite.

But then, life gets in the way. He’s up too late closing a multi-billion dollar telecom deal. Or he was out partying with Chris Christie; celebrating the bill they just passed to protect all sea lions on the Eastern seaboard from clubbers. Or maybe he just decided to crank out a couple extra episodes of Breaking Bad.

Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s tough to make the up-at-daybreak thing happen. That’s where the Go Getter comes in. It’s a caffeine-and-energy-food missile pointed straight for the spot where he just “snoozed” his iPhone for the third time.

Not only does the Go Getter deliver caffeine and protein fast, it tastes awesome in the process.


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