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Mason Shaker Bar Set

The Southern Gentleman

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Here’s what you get:

W&P Mason Shaker: Exactly what you think it is, and yet somehow more awesome than you expect. A classic mason jar, ninja’d into an XL cocktail shaker.

W&P Cocktail Muddler: Natural hardwood muddler fashioned to the perfect length for muddling in a mason shaker. The lime and mint won’t know what hit them until they’re half way to being mint julep-fied.

W&P Jigger: Stainless steel jigger with 50 ml and 25 ml sides. (Pro tip: the 50ml side is more fun)

Outset Garnishing Tool: One part zester, one part channel knife. This bad boy knows its way around some citrus.

Outset Cocktail Spoon: A spoon. A really long spoon.

Black Bear Club Soda: The legendary Milwaukee club soda. Makes your grocery store variety look like tap water.

Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray: Makes 2” cubes, which are, mathematically speaking, 4x more awesome than your typical 1” cubes. They’re all chill and no melt.

2 parts bourbon, 1 part chivalry.

America has its fair share of outstanding drinking traditions. For example:
The Northeast: Sidecars, martinis, manhattans, and really anything that pairs nicely with a smug sense of superiority
The West: Tequila, anything “Skinny”, Coors Light
The Midwest: No drink preference, as long as they are drinking more of it than you are

But let’s be real, the South has a legitimate claim to the richest drinking tradition in the Union. After all, they invented bourbon, which is second only to the McRib on the list of America’s greatest contributions to the international community.

To honor this tradition, Broquet built a barware set with all the hardware he’ll need to mix up a range of awesome cocktails with a Southern kick – whether he’s going shaken, stirred, or straight.

He’ll probably want to start with the Southern classics: sazeracs, mint juleps, whiskey sours, bourbon punch. But before he knows it, he’ll be slinging Kentucky Cousins, Gentleman Johnsons, Kentucky Corpse Revivers and Solemn Johns like a boss.


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