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Beef, Chicken, and Turkey Jerky

Jerky Mangram

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Real Steak Jerky: Hand-cut pieces of flank steak, slow marinated in Real Steak’s classic original recipe.

Real Turkey Jerky: 100% turkey breast in a sweet, smoky marinade.

Real Chicken Jerky: 100% chicken breast in a roasted red chile marinade.

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Three animals. Playing nice in one box.

Men have a right to be skeptical of jerky that is not beef. They’ve been misled into trying unpalatable poultry jerky for years by concerned mothers, gas station attendants, and the liberal media.

It’s a huge day for men everywhere, because someone finally made it work. And we’re not surprised that it was the guys at Real Steak. They take the same focus on high quality cuts of meat and exceptional marinades that made their beef jerky famous (and delicious), and brought the thunder down on chicken and turkey jerky as well.

The result is a three-pack of meat that lets guys enjoy all that jerky has to offer. It’s like Animal Farm, without the dystopian undertones.


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