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Shaving Kits

If you’re looking for a 12-blade vibrating razor or a fancy little lapel flower, you’ll probably want to turn around now.

Our Gentleman’s Shop ditches the over-featured, over-styled stuff in favor of American made grooming gear and accessories that are high quality, expertly designed and just work. Check out one of our Broquets, or grab some sweet accessories or grooming supplies on their own.

The Frontiersman SHOP NOW
The Frontiersman

Straight Razor Shaving Kit


The Beardsman SHOP NOW
The Beardsman

Beard Maintenance Kit


Imperial Glycerin Face and Shave Soap, Imperial Pre-Shave Oil, Parker 92R Ultra Heavyweight Safety Razor (solid brass frame, butterfly open, textured handle), Imperial Bergamot After-shave, and 10 Shark Super Chrome Double Edge Blades in the Broquet Safety Razor Starter Kit SHOP NOW
The Colonial Lite

Safety Razor Starter Kit

On Sale $72.00

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The Rough Rider SHOP NOW
The Rough Rider

Mustache Grooming Kit


Shave like a man with Broquet's safety razor shaving kit with aftershave, brush, razorblades, soap SHOP NOW
The Colonial

Safety Razor Shaving Kit

On Sale $99.00

Regular price
The Frontiersman Lite SHOP NOW
The Frontiersman Lite

Straight Razor Starter Kit


Manly dopp kit soap hygiene bodywash shower kit for men SHOP NOW


Mountain Man Soap Sampler SHOP NOW
Mountain Man Soap Sampler

by Mountain Man Soap


Safety Razor Shave Bundle SHOP NOW
Safety Razor Shave Bundle

by Imperial Barber Products


shaving kit with soap, shaving oil, and aftershave SHOP NOW
5-Step Shave Bundle

by Imperial Barber Products

On Sale $39.00

Regular price
tree ranger beardbrand beard wash SHOP NOW
Beard Wash

by Beardbrand


tree ranger brand beard softener SHOP NOW
Beard Softener

by Beardbrand