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Beer Pong Kit

The Presidential Pong

Regular price $75.00

What’s inside

  • Hexagon Beer Cups (22 pk)
  • Trump Ping Pong Balls
  • Obama Ping Pong Balls
  • Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky
  • Liquor Nuts (3pk)
Regular price $75.00

What’s inside

  • Hexagon Beer Cups (22 pk)
  • Trump Ping Pong Balls
  • Obama Ping Pong Balls
  • Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky
  • Liquor Nuts (3pk)

Bring your drinking game to the next level with these professional beer pong cups and of course... Snacks. Just add Beer! 

Hexagon Beer Cups (22 pk): No more rollers! People will know you take your drinking games seriously when you show up with these bad boys. 

Trump/Obama Face Ping Pong Balls: Choose your team... Choose your President! 

Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky: You're going to get hungry in the heat of competition. This will maximize your time at the table.

Liquor Nuts (3 pk): Irish Stout, Rum and Whiskey Flavors. Tasty peanuts just to change it up. Man can't survive on Beer alone... or can he? 

This premium Broquet ships in a real wooden crate!

Do you want to party? Yeah who doesn’t!!

Be like Van Wilder and show up with the best party kit of all time.

Choose your side and throw around little mini presidential heads in the drink. Don’t be shy these party cups are designed for maximum party enhancement… they don’t roll around. This means less time chasing red cups and more quality time to focus on what is important. Drinking!

With these presidential ping pongs, it might be a little hard to not talk politics while drinking. Win or Lose, this kit will surely get the crowd riled up!



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